How to Stop Rear View Mirror From Shaking from Bass

how to stop rear view mirror from shaking from bass

If you’re an avid music lover, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of a shaking rear view mirror caused by bass-heavy tunes. Not only can this be annoying, but it can also distract you while driving. Fortunately, There are several simple ways to stop rear view mirror from shaking from bass and ensure a stable rearview mirror. In this article, we’ll explore some simple solutions that will help you enjoy your music without compromising your safety on the road.

Vibration Damping Materials

Using vibration-damping materials is one effective way to stop your rearview mirror from shaking. Speciality pads or strips of rubber or foam can be purchased from an automotive store and placed strategically on the back of your rearview mirror bracket or windshield. These materials help absorb the vibrations caused by bass music and stabilize the mirror. Cut small pieces of the material and apply them to key areas, ensuring they provide proper cushioning without obstructing your view.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape Stop Rear View Mirror From Shaking

Another option is to use double-sided adhesive tape specifically designed for automotive applications. Cut small pieces of the tape and apply them to strategic areas on the back of your rearview mirror bracket or windshield. This tape acts as a shock absorber, reducing vibrations and keeping your mirror steady. Make sure to choose a tape that is strong enough to withstand vibrations but won’t leave residue when removed.

Household Items

If you’re looking for a quick fix without purchasing specialized materials, household items can be handy. One common solution is using rubber bands. Wrap a few rubber bands around the base of your rearview mirror bracket and windshield mount, creating tension that helps stabilize the mirror. Be sure not to wrap them too tightly, as this could put unnecessary pressure on the mirror.

Check Mounting Hardware Tightness

Sometimes, the shaking of your rearview mirror may be due to lose mounting hardware. Take a moment to check the tightness of the screws or bolts that hold your mirror in place. Use a screwdriver or wrench to tighten them if necessary. Be careful not to overtighten, as this could damage the mirror or mounting hardware.

Consider Upgrading to a Heavier-Duty Mirror

If none of the above solutions provides a lasting fix, upgrading to a heavier-duty rear-view mirror may be worth upgrading. Some mirrors are designed to withstand vibrations and provide a more stable viewing experience. These mirrors often have reinforced brackets or additional shock-absorbing features that can help eliminate shaking caused by bass music. Check with your local automotive store or online retailers for options that suit your needs.


Dealing with a shaking rearview mirror caused by bass-heavy music doesn’t have to be a never-ending struggle. You can easily stabilize your mirror and enjoy your music without distractions using vibration-damping materials, adhesive tape, or household items like rubber bands. Additionally, checking the tightness of the mounting hardware and considering an upgrade to a heavier-duty mirror are viable solutions. Remember, maintaining a stable rearview mirror is essential for safe driving, so don’t hesitate to try these methods and find the one that works best for you. Happy listening!

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